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Sometimes, you plan to sell your home. Sometimes, you wake up realizing “I need to sell my house fast!” Whatever your situation, Isbell Real Estate can help.

For over 20 years, we have built a reputation as top real estate agents in Killeen TX. Our team gets the job done, and we treat you like family while we do.

Evaluate Why You are Selling

Homeowners sells for many reasons. Need more space? Want a home with a garage or pool? Is your job transferring you out of town?

Your reasons for selling may affect timeline, asking price, and flexibility.

Many homeowners in Killeen are military service members, stationed at Fort Hood. We specialize in Harker Heights and Copperas Cove, working with homeowners who need a Killeen realtor to bring them together with incoming military families.

Buyers vs Sellers Market

new-homesHeard about buyers markets and sellers markets? Wondering: “Which is better for me to sell my home fast?”

Buyers market: Generally lower house prices, because buyers have many homes for sale to choose from.

Sellers market: Generally higher house prices, because fewer homes are for sale.

Depending on market conditions, you might have to choose between “I want to sell my house fast”, and, “I want to sell at the best price.”

The best realtors help you understand how market conditions affect your house sale. Realtors can tell you how quickly and at what price your home might sell. A top realtor in Killeen will be knowledgeable about all recent market activity.

Financial Preparation to Sell My Home

real-estate-companiesSelling a house affects your investment portfolio, annual taxes, and credit report. When selling, consider how it affects your finances.

Real estate sites often list prices of recently sold homes. Online listings show what price range your house falls in, and may help you estimate profits.

The most updated real estate listing prices are accessible through a subscription to an MLS database. Have your listing agent check the MLS database for you.

Prepare financially for selling your house by speaking with your financial advisor, tax attorney, investment manager, or estate planner. They may have different answers if asked, “What happens when I sell my home?”

Find a Realtor

It’s time to find a realtor to list your home. You want a professional who specializes in your neighborhood; someone with creativity, networking skills, and the ability to hang that “Sold” sign in your yard. While many real estate companies offer some of these, Isbell Real Estate agents are the Killeen realty experts that combine them all.

When shopping for a real estate listing agent, be picky. Choose only the best.

An Experienced Professional

Today’s world of online testimonials makes it easy to know an agent’s reputation. If you can’t get a recommendation from a friend or colleague, always check online reviews.

A Person Who Knows the Neighborhood

Real estate is about location. You want a professional who knows your neighbors, your streets, and your kids’ schools. The more specialized a realtor is to a neighborhood, the more likely you will receive a fair offer.

Creativity and Network Combined

Good marketing places a product in front of the right buyer. Find a realtor with an extensive network through the Killeen, Texas, area; someone who will tailor a targeted marketing campaign, shown to work for houses like yours, in your neighborhood.

Professionalism. Knowledge. Creativity.

These are the skills that our founders have taught to all our Isbell Real Estate Agents over the last 20 years. We work hard to hear you say, “Thanks for helping me sell my house fast.”

The Selling Process

Find a realtor who will make selling your home easier. But don’t stop there! Keep working to make the house sale easy for everyone.

Helping My Realtor Sell My Home Fast


As your house goes on the market, prepare for potential buyers to view it. Take attractive photos to post on websites to get noticed by the right buyer.

Pay special attention to “curb appeal” - things people can see when standing at the curb. Are there repairs you could make to the entrance? Are the front blinds broken? Would a power wash make the driveway fresh?

Trimming up landscaping, clearing off windows, and sweeping the walkway all make your house inviting.

As you host open houses, inviting potential buyers into your home, consider how to stage it to be pleasant for visitors. If you’re thinking, “I have to sell my house fast,” an open house or viewing is one of the quickest ways.

Create a clutter free space: make beds, stack papers, and tuck half your personal photos out of sight. A Killeen, TX, realtor can also help you place flattering mirrors or area rugs, and may advise you where to use air fresheners.

Being an Expert on My Home


An appraiser may need to conduct household inspections to determine and evaluate your home, including accessing rarely used spaces, or measuring exact room dimensions.

Don’t assume: “If I find a realtor near me, they will take care of answering an inspector’s questions.” Realtors may be able to help you out, but they still consider you the expert on your home.

You will need to disclose the house’s history. You want to be able to provide documentation to your listing agent about construction, remodeling, maintenance and repairs, neighborhood ordinances, or homeowners association updates. The realtor can research, but the more information you give, the better.

Accepting Offers from Buyers

Once you showcase your home, prepare to receive offers to buy!

Fair Offers

Speak with your Isbell listing agent about buyers with loan pre-approval. Pre-approved home buyers can make your house sale smoother, but ask your agent about disadvantages.

Although you may have set a certain selling price, be flexible. Consider offers within a range. Accept guidance from real estate professionals when evaluating whether an offer on your house for sale is fair.

If you’re thinking, “I need to sell my house fast,” it can be tempting to accept the first offer. Weigh the importance of your timeline and your investments when discussing offers with your listing agent.

Accepting an Offer

Once you accept an offer, don’t delay! Your agent will help you comply with all paperwork deadlines. Keep your copies of real estate paperwork organized and accessible.

Be patient during deposit and escrow negotiations. A home sale is a legal contract, and there are many steps to complete it. Trust your Isbell Real Estate agent to answer your questions, and follow their professional advice.

Inspections & Appraisals Needed to Sell My House

Closing involves several steps. With Isbell, you have a real estate broker and agent who help until everything is complete.

Inspections and Buyer Approval

The buyer’s lending financial institution may contact you for additional disclosures or documents. Be prepared and timely in responding.

Expect some final home inspections, depending on the lender, the house’s age or condition, or a buyer’s specific request. If your home is in an historical area, or if there is a zoning or coding question, several inspections may be required. Your Isbell Real Estate listing agent will prepare you, and guide you through any unexpected final requests.

Clearing the Title

A title company checks the house’s legal ownership paperwork (the “title”) to clear it of “encumberments” such as liens, before a buyer can own the house.

Realtors with history in Killeen can make title clearing easier. Ibell’s experienced professionals network with other professionals to keep your house sale on schedule.

The Closing Agent

A closing agent, such as an attorney or a title company, is appointed to hold the deposit on the house during closing. To help close on the house sale quickly, respond to the closing agent’s requests. Complete everything by its deadline.

Closing on the House Sale

After all the paperwork, inspections, and negotiations, you may think, “What is left before I sell my home?”

Only “Closing Day.”

Finalizing your house sale happens on “closing day,” when keys are given to the buyer and the Title paperwork is officially transferred. Your Isbell Real Estate agent will help you for this final, and important, day.

Final Walk Through

Our agents recommend that homeowners complete one final walk through of the house. Check every cabinet, closet, shelf, and storage space to collect all personal items. Although not all real estate companies mention this important final step, we know that, sometimes, closing day is about closure.

Cancel or Transfer Home Services

Make sure to cancel all house utility services. Let the buyer’s agent know which companies the buyer can contact to start services.

Closing Day Paperwork

On closing day, several copies of paperwork must be complete to finalize the legal aspects of your home sale. Isbell Real Estate agents are experienced, keeping you on track until the final signature is on its line.

The closing agent should provide you with copies of all paperwork. If the agent does not immediately provide you a copy, agree on a deadline and follow up with the closing agent at that time.

At Isbell Real Estate, we treat everyone like family and make you feel at home.

For 20 years, we have connected home buyers and sellers, as one of the top realtors in Killeen, Texas.

If you realized, “I need to sell my house fast!”, we’re here. Whether your family needs to sell to make room for a new addition, you’re selling a rental property, or you’re a military service member with orders to relocate. No matter what, Isbell Real Estate is here to help.