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Choosing to buy a house is one of the largest, most important financial decisions you make. You will go through several steps before even looking at homes for sale, then more after that. It’s important to be prepared, and there is no such thing as too much research or careful consideration.

Begin your research and shopping online. Enhance your search by visiting open houses and touring model homes. When you’re ready to buy, choose a buyer’s agent from an office with over 20 years of experience. For a superior experience purchasing homes for sale in Killeen, TX, choose Isbell Real Estate.

Know What You Want

Picture Your House

Evaluate what you need from a home - are you looking for a rental investment? Do you want a large yard? How many bathrooms will you need? Is there a particular neighborhood you like? Would you enjoy a house that “needs work” or is a “fixer-upper” so you can re-design it, or are you interested in new construction homes that are ready for you to move into?

Make A List

Thinking through answers to homebuyer questions will help you narrow your preliminary search, and make it easy for a buyer’s agent to scan house for sale listings efficiently for you. An agent can filter their search to look for a house with a two-car garage in the right neighborhood, or for a charming starter house for sale.

Gather What You Need

A Home Buyer’s Financial Portfolio

As you prepare to purchase a house, you want to keep a portfolio of your important documentation. Banks and mortgage lenders may have very detailed questions, especially if you are looking at new homes for sale. Don’t cause any delays when buying a house - put your home buyer’s financial portfolio together while you shop.

Important Documents

Isbell Real Estate agents recommend you include these in your homebuyer’s financial portfolio:

  • Recent years’ income tax statements and documents like W-2s or 1099s.
  • Your credit report from all 3 credit agencies
  • Healthcare costs, medical bills, and related expenses for everyone in your family
  • Financial statements about any extra income from side jobs, rental properties, or investments.

It’s Not a “House for Sale”: It’s Your Future Home

Buying a house is often the largest financial investment that people make. It comes with foreseen expenses, like homeowners’ insurance and property taxes, but also with variable expenses, like maintenance, repairs, and expansions. A professional buyer’s agent can help you plan for both the house purchase, and the home’s future.

Credit History and Shopping Homes for Sale

Isbell recommends that you get a free copy of your credit report and clean up any blemishes on your credit history before purchasing a home. Six months of solid credit history can show mortgage lenders that you are prepared to shop.

Free mortgage calculators online can estimate your mortgage interest rate and monthly payment. This can be helpful for the mortgage application process, because you have some idea what to expect.

Once you apply for a mortgage on a house for sale, you will be able to answer questions from financial institutions with your home buyer’s financial portfolio, and you can provide a history of statements quickly. Before anyone asks for it, you can know what’s coming and have everything you need ready.

Choose a Professional Isbell Real Estate Buyer’s Agent

Why You Need a Buyers Agent

The “buyer’s agent” is a specialized to represent buyers and their best interests when buying a house for sale.

A buyer’s agent can tell you about new homes for sale before anyone else, because the agent has access to MLS databases that send alerts about new listings. Agents also dedicate time to building a local network, so they have ears to the ground all over the best Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, and Fort Hood neighborhoods.

After guiding you to the right house, a buyer’s agent represents you, helping with paperwork, purchase process, and negotiations. Buyers agents answer your questions when you’re buying a house - and unanswered questions cost you money. From submitting that first offer to putting the keys in your hand, Isbell takes care of you all the way through.

Many people move to Killeen, Texas, from out of town, because Killeen is home to the largest military installation in the country - the US Army base at Fort Hood. Placing homes for sale is our business, and we make the homebuying process smooth by connecting sellers and buyers.

The founders of Isbell Real Estate are a military family. They understand the veterans families’ needs as they are stationed from one community to another. The Isbells taught our team to believe in community, and in making every newcomer to Killeen feel at home. We can’t wait to fulfill our pledge to you.

Shop Killeen Homes for Sale

Once you are prepared with research and paperwork, it is time to shop.

Drive Around

If you are in the Killeen area, you might tour the neighborhood you’re interested in. Stop by an open house if there is one, or a model home if it is a neighborhood with new construction homes.

Check MLS Listed Houses

Learn about current housing prices, homes with specific amenities, the availability in a particular neighborhood or subdivision. Comparing current homes for sale will give you a gauge of what to expect when you buy a house. There are free online real estate tools to check listings, but their access is limited.

Be Ready!

If you see the perfect home for sale come on the market, act fast and contact a buyer’s agent. You may need their help to submit an offer and begin the purchasing process.

Property Inspections and Closing

Escrow and Titles

The “closing agent” is an attorney or title company that holds the deposit in escrow. Closing agents also clear the titles of real estate of any encumbrances, such as liens, and negotiate final inspections. Inspections take patience, as inspectors have to thoroughly check many homes for sale. The inspections may discover problems with the property or the title, and home buyers may re-negotiate the home purchase several times during the closing process.

Almost There!

After submitting an offer, there are a few steps before a house for sale becomes your new home. Make your schedule flexible to accommodate meetings with lenders, inspectors, and appraisers. Return documentation and supply requested information quickly. A great Killeen house for sale may have several interested buyers, and timing can be everything in real estate.

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

Keep copies of all documents. Log names, dates, phone numbers, and email addresses, when you speak with professionals concerning your home purchase.

Keep in touch with your lender. Speak with insurance agents about your options. Consider consulting an attorney to discuss tax responsibilities and investment options for your real estate. Killeen, TX, has a thriving rental market, and many home buyers purchase houses as rental or investment properties.

Enjoy Your New Home

The most exciting day when buying a house is closing day. It is the finish line ending all the hard work. Count on Isbell Real Estate agents to help you through the final steps of your home purchase:

Closing Day Paperwork

Be prepared. Bring any documentation the closing agent asks. Your buyer’s agent can help keep you organized with a checklist.

Final Home Walk Through

Isbell Real Estate agents conduct walk-through inspections on all homes for sale, but your closing agent will also conduct a final walk-through of the home with you. Document everything about the house’s condition, using your phone to take photos or video.

Utilities and Services

Ask us for a list of your local utility companies. We can help you get paperwork together to connect your services.

Your Copies

You should receive copies of all paperwork, for your taxes or investment portfolio. If the closing agent does not provide you with a copy within a few days, follow up.

Isbell Real Estate: Helping Buyers Find Homes

For more than 20 years, Isbell Real Estate has served the Killeen, Texas, community. Whether buyers come from across town or the world, we want everyone to feel welcomed. We are a veteran family owned and operated business that believes in treating everyone like a member of our family.

As experts in homes for sale near Killeen, TX, we have had the privilege to know many newcomers - even before their neighbors. We have had the honor of welcoming hundreds of families to their new homes.

Serving others is what we enjoy doing every day. Making a difference is what makes us the best real estate buyers’ agents in town.