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Welcome home to Killeen.

Welcome home to Isbell Real Estate.

Experienced Killeen Real Estate Agents

At Isbell Real Estate, homebuyers find the homes for sale they’re looking for. Since 2009, Isbell’s team has made it our specialty to serve both homeowners and shoppers, helping newcomers to Killeen, Texas, find the perfect house to suit their needs. Our veteran family founded and operated real estate brokerage understands the needs of military families. Homeowners come to us saying, “I need to sell my house fast,” and we look forward to any challenge. Isbell handles all your real estate needs, and you get peace of mind.

Our business is real estate; our strength is community. We can bring homeowners and housebuyers together fast, because we are known for our network. It’s the people who make a difference in a business, and Isbell works with the best agents who have the best professional business partnerships in Killeen.

Isbell Real Estate operates on one important pledge: We treat everyone we do business with like family.

Whether you’re buying or selling, whatever your reason for shopping real estate listings, whatever is driving you to find a realtor, call Isbell Real Estate for the top real estate listings agents and buyer’s agents. We are your home for Killeen, Texas real estate.

Selling a house can be stressful, but having a professional to help you during the home sale can be invaluable. Ask yourself, “How do I sell my house fast?” and get started by doing a few simple things:

Go shopping for current houses for sale


To begin to get an idea of the current real estate market, spend some time shopping real estate in Killeen. Housing prices are always changing, but by understanding what comparable houses are like in your neighborhood, you can help your listing agent determine how to list your home for sale. Take note of details about the home listings, like whether appliances are included with the house or how the square footage is listed. Once you put your house on the market, it will be professionally inspected and appraised for an official value, but an idea of the market will help you be an expert on your own house. If you’re in a “sell my house fast” situation, more knowledge can help you do that.

Find a realtor who treats you like family

Your “listing agent” is the real estate professional who will represent you and your home when you list it as “for sale” on the Killeen real estate market. Whatever your specific needs for selling your house, find a realtor to help you sell quickly and for a fair price. A trusted and experienced Killeen realtor will know how to market your home to attract people who are shopping for houses for sale like yours. Then, a professional listing agent will be able to make the whole process easier and quicker during the closing. Selling a home can be a large job and take a lot of work; trust an experienced professional who knows the market, the community, and the buyers.

At Isbell Real Estate, we have built a reputation on helping newcomers to our communities find the best homes for sale. In order to do that, we work with homeowners around Killeen, especially near Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, and Fort Hood. As experts in our community, we know every street, every intersection, and every local business. We are the top realtors in Killeen for many reasons, but it’s all because we treat everyone like family.

Enjoy professional help and peace of mind


Your listing agent will guide you through the rest of the home selling process, including marketing the home, arranging open houses, negotiating offers, scheduling home inspections, and coordinating closing paperwork. An experienced professional, a real estate listing agent can handle many of the stresses of selling your home on your behalf, ultimately saving you time and money. Isbell’s experienced agents always keep in mind our goal of treating everyone like family, and they use their knowledge to help each homeowner. Come to us saying “Sell my house fast!” We’ll get the job done.

Shopping homes for sale can be fun, but having a professional to help you during the purchase process can be invaluable. When you’re preparing to buy a house, get started by doing a few simple things:

Shopping Real Estate Listings

With an idea of what is important to you in your new home, you can begin to shop current real estate listings of houses for sale. Shopping current listings helps you understand the changing real estate market, and you can see whether the available homes have the features you’re looking for. Make note of some listings that are closest to what you want - your professional buyer’s agent can use that information when you’re ready to buy a house in Killeen.

Choosing a Buyer’s Agent

A “buyer’s agent” is the real estate professional you can count on during your home purchase. The house and seller will be represented by the “listing agent,” and you need someone on your team to represent you. Choose a buyer’s agent who is professional, helpful, and listens to what you’ve learned while you’ve shopped Killeen homes for sale. You want someone who specializes in the neighborhood or area you prefer. You want someone who knows the community.

Choosing Between Similar Homes for Sale

killeen-tx-homes-for-saleIf you’re not familiar with the Killeen, Texas areas near Fort Hood, Copperas Cove, or Harker Heights, some houses for sale may simply look alike. If your search of listings returns many houses that have what you’re looking for in a home, don’t forget the most important factor in real estate: location. The business of the street, the conveniences at a nearby intersection, the excellence of the school district, or the proximity to the highway can all be key factors when you’re purchasing a house for sale, in Killeen, Texas, or anywhere.

Making a House-Buying List

homes-for-sale-in-killeen-texasEvery homebuyer has unique needs to consider when purchasing a home. What are your reasons for buying a house? What is your timeline? What features do you need in your home? What features would you like?

Writing out a list of the things that are important to you in your new home can help you keep focus when you’re shopping houses for sale. Whether it’s important that the house has a garage, a large yard, a bathroom specifically for guests, or is close to your job, your professional real estate agent can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Enjoying Professional Guidance

Your buyer’s agent will guide you through the remainder of your house buying process, including visiting open houses and private home tours, making offers, negotiating the house close, and setting up to move into your new home. Isbell Real Estate’s buyer’s agents specialize in bringing new members to our community, offering our personal touch to help you get settled in your new home. Founded by veterans, we especially understand the needs of the veterans and their families, stationed at Fort Hood outside Killeen.

At Isbell, we treat homebuyers like family. That’s just how we do business.

Beautiful Homes. Stunning Services.

Browse the Isbell Real Estate featured listings. Selections from our real estate agent team, highlighting the best homes in the most popular neighborhoods throughout Killeen, Texas, and all of Bell County - from Fort Hood to Harker Heights and Copperas Cove.

  • Top school districts.
  • Incredible amenities.
  • Easy access to I-35.

The square footage and property features you’re looking for. Our featured real estate listings represent luxurious properties, popular floor plans, and the best values.

Homes and Land

Shop Featured Listings When Buying a House

Whether you’re thinking about buying a house or you’re ready to buy now, shopping local listings is an essential research step.

Your Needs Viewing featured local real estate listings can helps buyers determine the size, floor plan, and house features that they really need.


Your Wants Browsing our featured listings shows buyers additional options or luxury amenities availalble in many neighborhoods or floor plans.

Your Plan

Searching current and recently sold featured listings shows buyers recent market trends, letting them plan the details of their own home purchase.

Isbell Featured Real Estate Listings Make It Easy

For Buyers Make side-by-side property comparisons. The newest properties, popular features, rare and unique houses. Click to apply or request information directly from the property description page.
For Sellers Isbell Real Estate tailors our marketing to each property, to provide top results with a customized approach. Our featured listings receive fair offers and sell fast. Ask your Isbell Real Estate agent for more details.
Featured MLS Real Estate Listings from Isbell Real Estate: Representing the best in Killeen, Texas.

MLS Database For Buyers, Sellers, Investors

With the Isbell Real Estate MLS Realtor Property Search Tool, customize your search for housing throughout Killeen, Texas and surrounding Bell County areas. Compare MLS home listings. Save and share searches.

Isbell realtor agents specialize in Killeen’s most popular areas and neighborhoods, including Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, and Fort Hood.

Isbell Real Estate: Bringing together sellers, buyers, and homes.

Real Estate for Sale

Use this realtor MLS tool to easily distinguish between different property types.

MLS Real Estate

Get a complete schedule of upcoming open houses in any area.

Buy a House

Filter search results based on images and available details.

Top Service of Any Killeen TX Realtor

Isbell Realtors are experienced and prepared. As buyers and sellers’ agents, we work with thousands of people every year in hundreds of property sales.

Military Direct Connect
Serving the Fort Hood area, we are proud to work with military service members and their families. Contact a specialized member of our team who is trained to assist active duty and veteran military personnel with buying or selling a house.

Out-of-Town Direct Connect
Serving all of Killen, Texas, realtors at Isbell are proud to offer the best service to anyone moving from out of town. Our MLS database search tool lets you examine the current market, but our trained and experienced realtor agent team represents out-of-town buyers or sellers during every step of the process.

Isbell Real Estate MLS Realtor Property Search Tool: Giving Buyers and Sellers in Killen, TX Access to the Best Property Listings.

New Homes for Sale

Military or Out-of-Town?

Contact Our Direct Connect Team

The Isbell Real Estate Team

In 2009, Jack and Verna Isbell founded Isbell Property Management & Realty, and fully made themselves at home in Killeen, Texas, after serving as a Chaplain in the US Army for nearly 20 years and raising four children.

With a value toward treating every person we do business with as family, the Isbells have built a team of real estate professionals who are the experts on homes for sale in Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, and other Killeen neighborhoods with access to Fort Hood. Operated by a team who understands the needs of veterans, Isbell’s real estate agents welcome the opportunity to serve those who serve our country.

Whether you call us saying, “Help me sell my house” or “Help me find my new home,” we are here for you. We look forward to your call.

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